Maryland Courts

Prohibition on Digital Watches
and Devices

The only time keeping device which an applicant is permitted to use at the Bar examination is a non-digital (analog) wristwatch with no audible alarm.  The Board prohibits digital watches, stop watches, clocks, and all digital devices.  Do not bring personal digital assistants, cell phones, cameras, imaging devices, or any other electronic device to the examination site.  Possession or use of a prohibited device at the examination site will be treated as a cheating incident.  Test proctors will confiscate prohibited devices. 

Prohibition on Study Materials, Backpacks, Carry Bags and Luggage:

No Bar Review materials or texts, law books, or law related notes or reference material of any description are permitted at the Bar Examination site.  Possession of any such material will be treated as a cheating incident.

Backpacks, brief cases, carry bags, and luggage of any description are prohibited at the examination site.  This prohibition of extraneous materials is to heighten site security and simplify entry procedures. MEN'S WALLETS, WOMEN'S HANDBAGS AND PURSES AND LUNCH BAGS/ BOXES ARE PERMITTED.