Maryland Courts

Passer's Obligations

Congratulations on passing the Maryland General Bar Exam! Please bear in mind that, while the State Board of Law Examiners (SBLE) strives to ensure that the PASS/FAIL results reported online are 100% accurate, your official results are those reported by U.S. Mail. Your obligations before becoming admitted to the Bar are:

1.           AFFIRMATION - The mailed official results for Applicants passing the Maryland Bar Exam will contain an “Affirmation” form printed on yellow paper. It is MANDATORY that you complete and sign the Affirmation Form, and mail or deliver it to the State Board of Law Examiners, 2011-F Commerce Park Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401.  The purpose of the Affirmation is for you to certify the completeness of your Bar Application or to update your character questionnaire with any required disclosures not previously made.  You must also update your contact information.   The Court of Appeals will mail information regarding the Court’s official admissions ceremonies to the address you report on the Affirmation. You will not receive your tickets to the admissions ceremony until SBLE receives your Affirmation.

In order to ensure that SBLE receives your Affirmation in a timely manner, you are encouraged to print the Affirmation form, found here:; fill it out, sign it and submit it by mail or delivery as soon as possible.  (White paper is acceptable.)


2.           CHARACTER INTERVIEW - If your official notice of results contains a pink “Exception Notice” (which means that the Character Committee has not concluded its investigation of your character), you need to ensure that the member of the Character Committee investigating your file has all the responses and information he or she needs in order to complete the investigation and schedule your required personal interview.  Only after the personal interview can the Character Committee recommend your admission to SBLE. If you do not know how to contact the Character Committee, you should contact the Board’s office immediately at 410-260-3640.

You will not receive your tickets to the admissions ceremony until your personal interview is complete and the Character Committee recommends you to SBLE.

3.           Professionalism Course - Before admission to the Bar, every person recommended for admission must complete a mandatory course on legal professionalism, which is offered by the Maryland Professionalism Center, Inc. under the authority of the Court of Appeals. You should previously have received email correspondence from the Maryland Professionalism Center, Inc.  If not, contact the Professionalism Center immediately. (

Any unexcused failure to attend the mandatory Professionalism Course will result in the Court of Appeals placing a separate hold on your admission.