Maryland Courts

Jury Service

Worcester County Jury Office
1 W Market Street, Room 208
Snow Hill, Maryland 21863

Juror Information

The Worcester County Circuit Court is one of fifteen jurisdictions to replace its jury system with a new jury management system. This system offers many advantages to the citizens of Maryland and will improve jury management efficiency in the Circuit Courts. A few benefits of the system for prospective jurors is the ability to access their juror information, complete a juror qualification form online, request to be excused or deferred and update their juror profile information twenty-four hours a day.

Worcester County has two Grand Jury terms for 6-months each which begin the 4th Monday in February and the 4th Monday in September. Grand jurors generally serve less than 6 times during the 6 month term of service. Trial jurors generally serve less than 5 times during the one month term of service. The Circuit Court schedules jury trials Monday through Thursday and tries not to schedule jury trials on Fridays if possible.

If you have received a summons for jury service please complete Part B – Juror Qualification Form on the back portion of your summons and return it to the Jury Office within ten days of receipt.  You can also complete the Qualification Form online at

Worcester County has a convenient automated call-in system for jurors to verify if their service is required. The juror summons provides the information needed to access the call-in system. The phone number for the call-in system is 410-632-5674. Jurors must call after 5:00 P.M. to confirm service for the following day. You will need your reporting number from the “Juror Badge” portion of your summons to obtain reporting information. Your summons specifies if you are a Trial juror or a Grand juror. The recorded message will advise jurors as to whether or not they are needed for jury duty and provide additional instructions including the daily reporting time. Please make certain that you listen to the entire message carefully.

Trial Jurors must call in each and every evening (Sunday – Thursday) during your service month to confirm service is required the next day.

Trial Jurors must call the jury message call-in system (410) 632-5674 and report as instructed by the message you hear.

Grand Jurors must call the juror information line at (410) 632-5674 on the EVENING prior to your service start date after 5:00 p.m. Listen carefully to "GRAND JURY" information to determine if your reporting number is in the series of numbers required to report. Report as instructed by the message you hear.

Jury Service is an important aspect of the rights, privileges, and duties we all enjoy as citizens. Your willingness to serve and participate in this essential part of our judicial system is greatly appreciated by the Circuit Court for Worcester County. We thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation.