Maryland Courts

Civil Fees

For more information, please refer to the Circuit Court Fee Schedule established under Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article, Section 7-202.

Fee Cost Description
Civil Action Filing Fee w/ Attorney
(Includes Habeas Corpus and Administrative Appeals. WCC and Unemployment, costs payable at end of case.)
$155.00 Includes $80.00 filing fee, $55.00 MLSC surcharge and $20.00 attorney appearance fee.
Civil Action Filing Fee w/o Attorney
(Includes District Court Appeals)
$135.00 Includes $80.00 filing fee, $55.00 MLSC surcharge.
Attorney Appearance $20.00 Per firm
Complaint to foreclose a mortgage or deed of trust on residential property $300.00 In addition to any other filing fees required by law
Request for foreclosure mediation $50.00
Motion to Modify Custody, Visitation, Alimony or Support; Petition or Motion for Contempt; Writ of Execution and/or Writ of Garnishment
$25.00 each
(Partial or full dismissal)
$15.00 Plus any open court costs
Foreign Judgment $80.00 Includes $25.00 filing fee and $55.00 MLSC surcharge
Judgments - Enforcement $25.00
Judgments - Assignment, Credit, Modification, Release and/or Satisfaction $15.00 each
Transer Fee $60.00
Copy Fees
(per page)
Certification fee $5.00 Plus copy fees
Exemplification fee $10.00 Plus copy fees