Maryland Courts

General Information

100 W. Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701

NOTE: With few exceptions, no audio or photographic recording equipment, including camera phones, are permitted in the courthouse. Other restrictions on electronics also apply. See Cell Phones, Other Electronic Devices, and Cameras in Court Facilities.

Clerk's Office

Name Phone Fax
Sandra K. Dalton, Clerk 301-600-1906
Lynda Byrd, Chief Deputy 301-600-1908
General Information 301-600-1976
TTY users dial Maryland Relay 711  
Fax 301-600-2245
Recording Office 301-600-1965
Business License 301-600-1962
Criminal/Traffic 301-600-1973
Civil 301-600-2969
Family 301-600-1977
Juvenile 301-600-1968
Child Support 301-600-1927
Jury Duty 301-600-1979
Land Record Room 301-600-1957
Marriage Licenses 301-600-1965


Name Phone
Hon. G. Edward Dwyer, Jr. - Administrative Judge 301-600-2973
Hon. Theresa M. Adams 301-600-1999
Hon. William R. Nicklas, Jr. 301-600-2943
Hon. Scott Rolle  
Hon. Julie Stevenson Solt 301-600-1998


Name Phone Fax
Julie Minner, Esq. 301-600-1476
Richard Sandy, Esq. 301-600-6811

Examiners (Court Appointed)

Name Phone Fax
Charles Frey 301-662-0482
William Haugh 301-663-0148
Karen Krask 240-490-7082

Other Court Offices

Name Phone Fax
Circuit Administrator, Barbara Domer 301-600-1843
Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator 301-600-1467
Civil Assignment Office 301-600-2563
Drug Court Coordinator 301-600-2978
Family Support Services Coordinator 301-600-2023 301-600-1446