Maryland Courts

General Information

NOTE: The following items are prohibited in the courthouse: guns, scissors, pepper spray, knives, sharp objects and any hazardous items.

Clerk's Office
20 West Courtland Street
Bel Air, MD 21014

Ceremonial Room
7 West Courtland Street
Bel Air, MD 21014

Clerk's Office

Name Phone Ext.
James Reilly
Clerk of Circuit Court
Linda Settle
Chief Deputy
Accounting Office 410-638-3454
Business License Office 410-638-3248
Civil Office 410-638-3430
Civil Self Help Center 410-638-4916
Community Work Service Program 410-638-4727
Court Scheduling 410-879-0012
Courtroom Clerk Office 410-638-4109 ext. 1876
Criminal Office 410-638-3472

Juvenile Office

Land Indexing Office 410-638-3039
Land Recording Office 410-638-3474
Marriage License Office 410-638-3586
Notary Office 410-638-3586
Paternity/Child Support Office 410-638-3432
Plat Office 410-638-3433


Name Phone Ext.
Hon. Angela M. Eaves, Administrative Judge 410-638-3264
Hon. William O. Carr 410-638-3262
Hon. M. Elizabeth Bowen 410-638-4990
Hon. Stephen M. Waldron 410-638-3266
Hon. Yolanda Curtin 410-638-4655

Family Magistrates

Name Phone Ext.
Theodore M. Hart 410-638-3461
Frederick Hatem 410-638-3475
J. Richard Moore III 410-638-3475

Court Related Agencies

Name Phone Ext.
Office of the State's Attorney 410-638-3500
Office of the Public Defender 410-836-4880

Please be advised that the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is prohibited by law from rendering legal advice and from performing title searches.