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Recording Fees and Copy Costs

$10.00 recording fee for releases nine (9) pages or less in length.

$20.00 recording fee for all other instruments nine (9) pages or less in length or for any instrument over nine (9) pages in length if it involves solely a principal residence. This includes Termination statements of Financing Records.

$75.00 recording fee for all instruments ten (10) pages or more in length that are not principal residence.

$15.00 recording fee for a Request for Notice of Sale (Foreclosure)

$40.00 surcharge. No surcharge for Notice of Sale, Power of Attorney, and documents filed in Homeowner’s Association Depository.

$.50 copy cost per page and $5.00 additional fee for certified copies. Add $2.00 mail handling fee per mail request.

Additional Fees (Taxes) for Deeds

Applicable Recording Fee from above + Surcharge + the following if applicable:

Recordation Tax: $3.30 per $500.00 $6.60 per $1,000 (round up to the nearest $500)

State Transfer Tax: ½ of 1% of the purchase price or .25% of the purchase price for first time Maryland home buyers purchasing a principal place of residence.

County Transfer Tax is collected at Revenue Collections, 220 S. Main St. Bel Air, MD 21014. Call 410-638-3269 for information.

Fees/taxes may be paid by cash, check, money order or credit card (Master Card/Visa) for recording by mail or in person.

Please call the Clerk's Office with questions at 410-638-3474.

eRecording - Electronic Recording

Beginning February 15, 2017, documents can be recorded online through simplifile. Contact John Riddell at 801-223-1031 or to establish an account and to get information about fees for eRecording in addition to the applicable recording fee, surcharge and taxes.

Contact Land Records at 410-638-3245, 410-638-3039 or 410-638-4866 to schedule a Submitter’s overview.

General Harford County Land Record Indexing Guidelines