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Business Licenses

Many businesses must be licensed through the office of the Clerk of Circuit Court. Whether a business must obtain a license from the Clerk depends upon the nature of the business, and can sometimes be a quite complex question. If you are considering opening a business in Washington County, or have questions about the licensing requirements for your existing business, please contact the Circuit Court Clerk's Office at (301) 790-7991 to determine what, if any, license you need to obtain from us.

!!! New Licenses for 2011 - Other Tobacco Products !!!

Maryland license laws have been amended to create two new licenses that will be required effective May 1, 2011 for those who sell 'other tobacco products' at retail. The new licenses are:

  • Other Tobacco Products Retailers License
  • Tobacconist License

'Other tobacco products' includes cigars (blunts, cigarillos, little cigars), pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, roll-your-own ("RYO") tobacco, snuff, snus, and other smokeless tobacco products.

Any business selling tobacco products other than cigarettes may need one of these two licenses. Refer to the following documents, provided by the Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury, for more detailed information:

More Information on Licenses

For more information on business licenses and opening a Maryland business, please visit the following sites:

  • Business License Information System (includes startup information and an alphabetized list of all State licenses and permits).
  • Comptroller of Maryland - Business Information and Services (includes business license tips, frequently asked questions, employer withholding information, tax registration).

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