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October is Conflict Resolution Month!

Did you know that participants who reach an agreement in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) are more likely to be satisfied with the judicial system than those who reach an agreement on their own (without ADR)?  Did you also know that cases that reach agreement in ADR are half as likely to return to court for enforcement actions compared to cases that get a verdict from a judge?  These are only two of the many recent research findings that support the benefits of ADR in our courts.  To learn more about the impact of mediation in District and Circuit Court cases, please visit the Statewide ADR Research Results page at   

Every year, the third Thursday in October is nationally recognized as Conflict Resolution Day, but why limit ourselves to just one day?  The ADR Offices of the Maryland Judiciary have expanded the day to all of October to promote greater understanding around the uses and benefits of mediation.  The ADR Office will be conducting outreach events, hosting a bookmark contest (MACRO), tabling with community mediation partners at courthouses across Maryland, and much, much more.  

For a list of Conflict Resolution Month events statewide, or to learn more about the mediation programs available in your part of the state, visit MACRO’s web page at, as well as the District Court ADR Office website (, and Court of Special Appeals ADR Division website ( 

We hope you will join us in celebrating Conflict Resolution month all through October! 

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