Maryland Courts

2012 Volunteer Hours Statistics

Dear District Court of Maryland ADR Volunteers,

Thank you for your participation in and support of the District Court of Maryland Day of Trial ADR Programs in 2012.

Thank you also for your patience while the 2012 volunteer hours were calculated for each District Court of Maryland ADR volunteer. We are proud to say that accessing your 2012 volunteer hours is a breeze!

Your total 2012 District Court ADR volunteer hours are shown below. You can review your overall total hours by clicking the first link. Also, if you volunteer in more than one district, you can review your total volunteer hours for a specific district via the individual district links.

If you do not recall your volunteer number, you can find it on your ADR volunteer identification badge. If you cannot locate your badge, please contact Leona Elliott, Director of ADR Roster Management, at 410-260-1677 or to request your volunteer identification number.

As always, thank you for assisting the public in resolving their disputes in 2012. We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2013.