IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be advised the forms, DC-CV-082 Failure to Pay Rent and DC-CV-082MH Park Owner's Complaint (see drafts with changes below), have been revised in preparation for entry into the Judiciary's new case management system (MDEC). This revision clarifies the name of the landlord/park owner and the party signing the complaint and adds fields for Property Name, Attorney Bar # / Party # (each will have identification numbers in MDEC). The identification numbers will assist with the processing and automatic data population of party information for future entry in MDEC. The revised forms are available online today through the above link and in our online Forms Index.

The 7/2014 version of the DC-CV-082 & DC-CV-082MH will be required for use beginning October 14, 2014 in time for the anticipated start of the MDEC pilot program. For your convenience, use these links DC-CV-082 and DC-CV-082MH to view the redline drafts showing the revisions. Previous versions of the forms will no longer be accepted after October 10, 2014. The printed forms are expected to be available at the District Court Warehouse by late-September. As always, it is recommended that filers not order more than a 2-3 month supply at a time.

If you have any questions regarding this form revision, please contact Polly Harding, Administrator of Administrative Services, at District Court Headquarters. Ms. Harding can be reached at 410-260-1638.

Public Notice

DC-CV-082 Draft
DC-CV-082MH Draft

Issue Date: 7/22/2014