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How to file a small claim?

  • Small Claims Brochure DC-CV-001BR (PDF)
• Chinese Version - 小额索赔 如 (PDF)
  • French Version - Petites créances (PDF)
  • Korean Version - 소액 청구 (PDF)
  • Russian Version - М а л ы е и с к и (PDF)

What to do if you are sued?

How to file a claim for the return of your property?

  • Replevins and Detinues Brochure DC-CV-004BR (PDF)
  • Spanish Version - ¿Cómo tramitar una reclamación para que le devuelvan sus bienes? (PDF)

How to collect your judgment?

  • Post-Judgment Brochure DC-CV-060BR (PDF)

  • Chinese Version -如何讨还马里兰州地区法院判决的钱款 (PDF)
• Korean Version -판결 후 수금 메릴랜드 주 지방법원의 판결 채무 부채를 수금하는 방법 (PDF)
  • French Version - Recouvrement une fois l’arrét rendu (PDF)
  • Russian Version - Взыскание по решению суда  (PDF)
  • Spanish Version - ¿Cómo cobrar ell fallo en el Tribunal de Distrito de Maryland? (PDF)

How to garnish wages to collect on a judgment?

  • Wage Garnishment Brochure DC-CV-065BR (PDF)
  • Spanish Version - ¿Cómo Embargar el Sueldo para Cobrar la Cantidad Determinada por un fallo? (PDF)

How to resolve issues with your Tenants (from a Landlord's perspective)?

  • Landlord and Tenant Brochure DC-CV-082BR (PDF)

  • Chinese Version -房东如 何解决与 租户的 纷争 (PDF)
  • French Version - Informations à l'intentiondes des propriétair (PDF)
  • Russian Version - Информация для владельцев жилья (PDF)
  • Spanish Version - ¿Cómo Resolver Problemas con sus Inquilinos (desde la perspectiva del dueño de la propiedad)? (PDF)


Fail to Pay Rent Fact Sheet DC-CV-082BRFS (PDF)

How to resolve issues with your Landlord (from a Tenant's perspective)?

  • Tenant and Landlord Brochure DC-CV-082TBR (PDF)
• Chinese Version - 租户如 何解决 与房东 的纷争 (PDF)
  • French Version - Informations à l'intention des locataires (PDF)
  • Korean Version - 임차인을 위한 정보 (PDF)
  • Russian Version - Информация для съёмщиков жилья (PDF)
  • Spanish Version - ¿Cómo Resolver Problemas con el Dueño de casa (desde la perspectiva de quien alquila)? (PDF)

How to file for a Peace Order or Protective Order?

  • Peace & Protective Order Brochure CC-DC-DV-PO-001BR (PDF) 

  • Chinese Version -和平令还是保护令……哪一种命令? (PDF)
• Korean Version - 화해 및 보호 명령을 신청하는 방법 (PDF)
  • French Version - Comment déposer une demande d'ordonnance enjoignant une personne de rester à l'écart ou une ordonnance de protection (PDF)
  • Russian Version - Приказ о прекращении причинения беспокойства и Охранный судебный приказ (PDF)
  • Spanish Version - ¿Peace & Protective Order Brochure (PDF)

How to file a criminal complaint?

  • Criminal Complaint Brochure DC-CR-001BR (PDF)

What happens when you are arrested for a crime?

  • Criminal Defendant Brochure DC-CR-002BR (PDF)
  • Criminal Defendant Brochure DC-CR-002BR (PDF) - Effective 07/01/2017   
  • Chinese Version - 当您因犯罪被捕时会怎样? (PDF)
  • French Version - Que se passe-t-il suite à une arrestation? (PDF)
  • Korean Version -범죄 행위로 체포되면 어떻게 됩니까? (PDF)
  • Russian Version - Ответчик по уголовному делу (подсудимый) (PDF)
• Spanish Version -¿Qué pasa cuando le arrestan por un delito? (PDF)
• Spanish Version -¿Qué pasa cuando le arrestan por un delito? (PDF)- Effective 07/01/2017

What is a bad check violation?

How to have court records expunged?

  • Expungement Brochure CC-DC-CR-072BR (PDF)

  • Chinese Version - 有关在马里兰州清除犯罪记录禁止公众查阅的信息 (PDF)
  • French Version - Effacement des antécédents judiciaires (PDF)
  • Russian Version - УДАЛЕНИЕ МАТЕРИАЛОВ (PDF)
  • Spanish Version - Eliminación de Antecedentes Penales (PDF)

How to have court records shielded (kept out of public view)?

Do you need a Court Interpreter?

  • Do you need a Court Interpreter? Brochure CC-DC-080BR (PDF)
  • Chinese Version - 你需要法院口译员吗? (PDF)
  • French Version - Avez-vous besoin d’un interprète judiciaire? (PDF)
  • Korean Version - 법정 통역사가 필요하십니까? (PDF)
  • Spanish Version - ¿Necesita un Intérprete de Tribunal? (PDF)

Working Effectively with Interpreters in the Courtroom

  • Working Effectively with Interpreters in the Courtroom Brochure CC-DC-081BR (PDF)

Are there any alternatives to Court?

  • Mediation Brochure DC-044BR (PDF)

How do I obtain a transcript / recording of my District Court hearing?

  • Transcripts & Recordings Brochure DCA-027BR (PDF)
  • Chinese Version - 如何索取录音 或文字记录 (PDF)
  • French Version - Transcriptions et enregistrements (PDF)
  • Russian Version - Как получить звукозапись или стенограммуn (PDF)
  • Spanish Version - Cómo obtener una grabación o transcripción (PDF)

What is the Mental Health Court in Baltimore City and who is eligible?

  • MHBC Brochure L01-006 (PDF)

Family Issues

The Department of Family Administration handles most matters relating to families, including divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and juvenile issues.



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