Maryland Courts

Accommodation Request (for Employees)

Title I of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) is a civil rights law, which protects qualified individuals with disabilities in employment practices. The Judiciary is required to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities in order to: (1) ensure equal opportunity in the application process (2) enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform his/her essential job functions (3) enable an individual with a disability to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment.

Employee/Applicant’s Responsibilities

  • Complete the Request for Accommodation (OFP-201) form.
  • Submit the completed Request for Accommodation form to your supervisor/Administrative Official.
  • Meet with your supervisor or Administrative Official to discuss your accommodation request.
  • At request of your supervisor or Administrative Official, have your Health Care provider complete the Medical Inquiry form and return the completed form to your supervisor or/Administrative Official. You must give a copy of your job description to your Health Care provider and instruct the Health Care provider to review essential functions of the job based upon your current job description in concert with the completion this form.

Health Care Provider's Responsibilities

  • Review essential functions of the job based upon current job description.
  • Complete Medical Inquiry form, when requested, and return to the employee or mail back to respective Administrative Official.

Administrative Official’s Responsibilities

  • Inform employees of right to request accommodation.
  • Provide an initial response to a request for accommodation within 10 business days of receipt of a request.
  • Provide Medical Inquiry form and a position description that identifies essential job functions care to employee for review and completion by Health Care Provider.
  • In consultation with the Office of Fair Practices, review the Accommodation Request and completed Medical Inquiry form, if applicable, for completion and determine if the requested accommodation is reasonable and can be provided.
  • Meet with the employee to discuss the requested accommodation and/or alternative accommodations.
  • Notify the employee and those with a need to know of the accommodation determination.
  • Submit all documentation to the Office of Fair Practices for record-keeping purposes.

Office of Fair Practice's Responsibilities

  • Provide guidance to supervisors/Administrative Officials during the accommodation process.
  • Research disabilities and resources to determine possible alternate accommodations.
  • Investigate complaints alleging discrimination.
  • Serve as central repository for all ADA accommodation requests.

NOTE: For Public Accommodation Process, see For Citizens