Maryland Courts

Guardians of Minors Training Program

Starting January 1, 2018, guardians of the person and property must complete a training program. The training covers a guardian's specific responsibilities and provides helpful resources. There are separate programs for guardians of disabled persons and guardians of minors.

Guardians of the person must complete the training within 120 days of appointment

Guardians of the property must complete the training within 60 days of appointment

Some courts offer the training programs as a class you can attend. You can also complete the training online.

Online Training

To complete the training online, watch the video that applies to your case below. You only need to complete the training program once.

After you complete the training program, complete a Certificate of Completion – Guardian Orientation and Training Program (CC-GN-031) and file it with the court that appointed you as guardian.


In addition to meeting the guardian orientation and training program requirements, attorneys appointed as guardians of minors or disabled persons with whom they have no prior relationship must watch a brief video on ethical considerations for attorney-guardians.