Maryland Courts


Committee Name and descriptions:

Implementation and Administrative Oversight-Hon. Patrick L. Woodward, Chair

This committee’s primary responsibilities are to monitor the progress of the five subcommittees and set the vision of the FCCIP. The committee is composed of 16 members consisting of juvenile court judges and masters representing jurisdictions throughout the state; the Executive Director of the Maryland Social Services Administration of the Department of Human Resources; representative of the Citizens’ Review Board for Children; representatives from the General Assembly, and other relevant child welfare stakeholders.
Committee Members

Legislative Policy & Research Subcommittee - Hon. Theresa M. Adams, Chair
This subcommittee's primary responsibility is to ensure ongoing compliance with state and federal statutes and policies to improve the outcomes for children and families. The subcommittee drafts information such as proposed legislation, rules, and model court orders, all for the purpose of assisting juvenile court judges and masters with compliance of federal and state laws regarding child welfare. Subcommittee members consist of judges, masters, attorneys (Office of the Public Defender, Office of the Attorney General, and Children's Counsel), CASA, and Citizen's Review Board.
Subommittee Members
Representation, Practice and Procedure - Hon. Cheryl McCally, Chair
This subcommittee is charged with ensuring quality representation and streamlining court processes and procedures for all parties involved in the child welfare (foster care) system. The subcommittee develops attorney guidelines, reviews court process, trains attorneys, assesses attorney performance, recruits and trains pro bono attorneys, etc. This subcommittee consists of judges, masters, attorneys, and foster care alumni.
Subcommittee Members

Training, Education and Development - Hon. David W. Young, Chair

This subcommittee is responsible for providing access to training and educational programming that enhances the knowledge of judicial officers, attorneys, and stakeholders in the area of child welfare law and improves judicial performance in the processing of child abuse and neglect cases. This subcommittee consists of judges and masters primarily.
Subcommittee Members

Quality Assurance and Improvement - Hon. Patrick L. Woodward, Chair

This is a new subcommittee that's primary responsibility will be to implement continuous quality improvement measures to systematically monitor court related programs and initiatives and obtain necessary timeliness measures to assist courts in tracking and assessing compliance with federally required timelines. The subcommittee will review collected data, analyze, and develop ways to improve quality. Membership includes researchers, information systems personnel, and quality assurance professionals.
Subcommittee Members

Outreach and Programming - Hon. William O. Carr, Chair

This subcommittee will enhance the availability and place emphasis on court programs and initiatives (i.e. family drug courts, CASA programs, etc.) designed to improve permanency outcomes for families involved in child welfare matters. This subcommittee will also focus on improving educational outcomes for children in foster care by monitoring various educational matters (IEP, transfers, transportation issues, placement, etc.). Members of this subcommittee include key stakeholders directly related to the services and programs mentioned.
Subcommittee Members