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Project Timeline
Project Timeline

Classification and Compensation Study

The Judiciary is beginning a comprehensive review of the Judiciary's classification structure, pay ranges (salary schedules), and compensation policies.

Important: What you should know about the Study:

  • There will be no decrease in salaries
  • Pay increases or reclassifications are possible, but not guaranteed
  • No jobs, positions or personnel will be eliminated as a result of this study
The purpose of the study is to:

  • Determine the market competitiveness of the current pay ranges, compensation policies, and benefit programs
  • Evaluate the classification structure and job descriptions
  • Develop recommended changes to the compensation programs and policies designed to enhance the Judiciary's ability to recruit and retain Judiciary staff
At the conclusion of the Study, the Judiciary will have:
  • Updated classification structure that accurately reflects your job responsibilities and required qualifications
  • A market assessment that measures the Judiciary's market position compared to other court systems and local area public and private employers
  • Recommendations regarding potential changes to pay structures and salary ranges