Maryland Courts


Thank you for your interest in a clerkship with the Maryland Judiciary. If you are interested in clerking for one of our judges, please review the information below.

  • For the Appellate and Circuit Courts, apply directly to each judge in the location where you are interested in working as each individual judge chooses their own law clerk.
    • Here is a complete listing of the Judiciary’s judges.
    • Please see this spreadsheet for some of the Circuit Court Judges and what is required to apply with them.  
    • This link will give you general employment information regarding clerkships in the Appellate and Circuit Courts. 
    • For District Court Law Clerk positions apply to the Administrative Judge in each district.

Current Salaries (effective January 1, 2015):

Appellate Law Clerks $47,817
Appellate Law Clerks  

who stay for a second year in the Appellate Court

Circuit Court Law Clerks  
  Non-Bar Members $40,122
  Maryland Bar Members $46,006


District Court Law Clerks  
  Non-Bar Members $36,913

Maryland Bar Members