Maryland Courts

This path is for you if your law clerk is starting
within the next couple of days or weeks.

Contact the law clerk coordinator as soon as you know you are hiring a new law clerk and give us their name. (

Direct the law clerk to the web site pages listed below:

  • Pre-employment paperwork
  • Onboarding Sessions
    • For this path your law clerks would come on Wednesday, the first day of the pay period
    • Payroll schedule link
  • Onboarding Session Forms – The W-4 and Direct Deposit forms also need to be received by HR as soon as possible.

Pre-employment paperwork –

Since your law clerk will be starting very soon, you may fax the Law Clerk Payroll form and Authorization to Obtain Pre-Employment Background Information form, so that we may begin the process of putting them on payroll.  This process involves not only HR, but also the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and Central Payroll Bureau (CPB).  The processing and updating of records can take from five to seven days.

If we do not receive the completed paperwork far enough in advance, their first paycheck may be delayed.

  • Law Clerk Payroll form*
    • Law clerk completes the bottom part of this form
    • Your office completes the top part.
    • Enter in the start date
    • This form may be emailed to HR as a PDF or faxed to (410-974-2849)
  • Judiciary Application
    • Law clerk will complete the application and may scan or fax to HR,
    • There is no need to fax the application. The original is required.
  • Authorization to Obtain Pre-Employment Background Information*
    • Law clerk completes entire form
    • This form may be emailed to HR as a PDF or faxed to (410-974-2849)

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