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I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

The purpose of this form is to document that each new employee (both citizen and non citizen) hired after November 6, 1986, is authorized to work in the United States.  Within the law clerk’s first three days of employment, the federal government requires that you submit the Employment Eligibility and Verification form – Form I-9. 

You may find detailed instructions, the I-9 form and the List of Acceptable documents at this link:

If your law clerk will not be able to attend an Onboarding session within their first 3 days of employment, you will need to:

  • Ensure they have completed Section I by COB on their first day of work
  • Verify that they brought the proper ID from the List of Acceptable Documents (page 9)
    • They must bring –
      • One (1) item from List A
      • One (1) item from List B    AND   One (1) item from List C
      • That is two items – one from list B and one from List C
      • They cannot bring two from List B or two from List C
      • They cannot just give one item from List B and then nothing else
  • Make a copy of the ID that they presented to you.  Attach the copy to the original I-9 form and give them back their original ID.
  • Section 2 is to be completed by the person who reviewed their ID. 
    • Depending upon which ID they brought in, you will list it either under List A or
    • List B and List C (if they brought these two items)
    • In the Certification Area enter their first day of work
    • Sign your name
    • Print your name and title
    • Put your office address (If you have an address stamp, you may use it here)
    • Date the form – this date should not be more than 2 days past their start date.
      • i.e. –  The law clerk begins on Wednesday; entire form must be completed by COB   on Friday.
  • Mail the original I-9 form and the copy of their ID.  (No need to fax it.)
    • HR will retain the I-9 form in our office for the required time period.

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