Maryland Courts

This path is for you if your law clerk is starting in July, August or early September for the next term

  • Send HR an email as soon as you know the name of your new law clerk.
  • Direct the law clerk to the Web site pages listed below:
    • Newly Appointed Law Clerk - Instructions
      • They may send in these three forms to HR as soon as it is convenient for them.
      • HR also needs to receive the law clerk payroll form completed by your office at least four weeks in advance.
      • It is fine if HR receives two forms – one from you and one from the law clerk, we will match them up.
      • **HR will only process a start date upon direction from the Judge’s Chambers.
    • Onboarding Sessions
      • For July, August and September start dates, your law clerk will choose a date from the Onboarding Registration information page.
      • Let them know that these sessions are mandatory and they must attend one that we have scheduled
    • Onboarding Session Forms
      • The law clerks will complete the forms and bring those forms with them to the Onboarding session they sign up for.
      • HR will receive and verify the I-9 and ID

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