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Online Class Registration

Thank you for your interest in the class offerings of the Office of Professional Development (OPD.) Before you proceed, please take note of the following:

  1. To expedite processing of your class registration, please discuss this request with your supervisor PRIOR to submitting the Registration Form.

  2. Your supervisor MUST submit your class registration form at least fourteen (14) days before the start of the class.

  3. You will need your Participant ID in order to register for class. If you know your Participant ID and are ready to enroll in a class, proceed to the Registration Form.

    What is my Participant ID?

    If you are a Judiciary employee paid by the State:
    Your Participant ID is up to the first four letters of your last name, your birth month and day. Examples: John Smith born January 8 would be smit0108; Mary Doe born November 30 would be doe1130.

    Now that you know your Participant ID, proceed to the Registration Form.

    If you are a Judiciary employee paid by your county or city, we need some information from you in order to identify you by a Participant ID and to help us keep track of your training data. You will only have to submit the Participant ID form one time to be included in our database. Please complete the Participant ID form. (If you are not sure if you are paid by the county or city, please ask your supervisor.)

    Once you have submitted the Participant ID form you can proceed to the Registration Form

  4. PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT registered for the class until you receive a confirmation e-mail from the Office of Professional Development containing important class information.

  5. CANCELLATIONS: Please notify the Office of Professional Development 410-260-3601 immediately if you cannot attend the class.

  6. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Benjamin Gilbert 410-260-3653 or by email

  7. Frequently Asked Questions about registration