Maryland Courts

Office of Payroll/Leave Accounting - Definitions

  1. Administrative Official
    1. The Clerk of department or office within the Courts of Appeal, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the District Court Headquarters, or the Court- Court for the court in which the employee works;
    2. The Administrative Clerk or Administrative Commissioner of the District Court for the district in which the employee works; or
    3. The Director of the respective Related Agency in which the employee works.
  2. Bi-weekly Time and Attendance Report
    1. The timesheet on which regular employees and Masters record time worked and leave taken, and submitted to the supervisor and time record coordinator or unit director on a bi-weekly basis.
  3. Check Advice
    1. (check number) found on pay stub.
  4. Compensatory (Comp) Time
    1. Leave earned by an employee in lieu of cash overtime.
  5. Contractual Employee
    1. Any person whose condition of employment and compensation are specified in a personal services contract.
  6. Exempt Employee
    1. An employee exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  7. Full-Time Contractual Employee
    1. A contractual employee who is scheduled and works 85% or more of a forty hours week, per calendar year.
  8. Non-Exempt Employee
    1. An employee covered by the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  9. Overtime
    1. Hours worked in excess of forty (40) in a work-week by non-exempt employees.
  10. Regular Employee
    1. Any person holding a position funded under an approved budget and having an assigned Position Identification Number (PIN), not including contractual and temporary positions and those held by Judges, Masters, and Law Clerks.
  11. Reinstatement
    1. The re-employment, within three years, of an individual who separated in good standing from the Maryland Judiciary or other Maryland State government agency and the restoration of certain salary and leave benefits.
  12. Salary Grade
    1. A range of pay with specified steps within a multi-range salary scale. Each grade provides an increase in salary compared to the next lower grade.
  13. Salary Step
    1. A specific point within the minimum and maximum of a salary grade. Each salary grade comprises a series of salary steps and each step provides an increase in salary compared to the next lower step within that salary grade.
  14. Shift Differential
    1. A $10 pay differential (pro-rated) for working an 8-hour qualifying shift which begins anytime between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., inclusive.
  15. Temporary Employee
    1. An employment situation of short-term duration, usually less than one (1) year.