Maryland Courts

Judicial Selection

Under the Maryland Constitution, the Governor fills a new judgeship or other vacancy in judicial office with an individual having certain basic qualifications. Although the Constitution sets forth these basic qualifications, it provides the Governor with limited guidance in making judicial appointments. In 1970, Governor Marvin Mandel issued an Executive Order creating the Judicial Nominating Commissions to assist in the judicial selection process. Since that time, every governor has issued a similar Executive Order. The primary responsibility of the Judicial Nominating Commissions has been to screen candidates for judicial office. This screening process allows the Governor to appoint the most highly qualified candidates.

The following documents are in Portable Document Format.

  • Governor's Executive Order
    Ensures that a cross section of the public is represented on the nominating commissions and that the public is given an opportunity to comment on judicial candidates.
  • Court of Appeals Administrative Order
    Establishes the rules of procedure for the nominating commissions.