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Questions About Your Jury Service?
  • Contact your local jury office if you have questions or concerns about your jury service
Important Information
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Guidelines for jurors

ADA Compliance:
The Judiciary is committed to complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. More...

Scam Alert:
We Don’t ask for Your Social Security Number: No Judiciary employee will ever ask you for your Social Security Number. More...

Did Your Summons Come From the U.S. District Court?
If you have been summoned for jury duty by the U.S. District Court, this means you have been called to jury service in the federal court in Maryland. More...

A Message from the Judiciary

Trial by jury is a foundation of our system of justice and is one of the reasons that our justice system is the finest in the world. While trial by jury is a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Maryland Declaration of Rights, serving on a jury is both a responsibility of being a citizen and an opportunity to serve the community. No special training, skills or legal knowledge are necessary to be a juror. All that is required is that you be willing to keep an open mind, to pay attention, and to make a decision based on the law and evidence that is presented. On behalf of the Maryland Judiciary, thank you for your jury service. 

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