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To Request an ADA acommodation, please visit the Office of Fair Practices of the Maryland Judiciary.

Our Policy on Accessibility

The Maryland Access to Justice Commission strives to make its work product, website, and events as accessible to persons with disabilities as is practical based on available resources.

Our Internal Initiatives Include:

  • Ensuring that our website is as accessible as we can provide practically.
  • Creating and distributing documents for the public that are as accessible as is practical.
  • Providing interpreters or other accommodations to Commission event participants who are hearing-impaired, upon advance request.
  • Designating a Commission staff member whom the public can contact for questions or suggestions about how the Commission can better serve the disabled community or about the accessibility of a Commission document, website, or event.

Our Public Initiatives Include:

For assistance, please contact: Maryland Access to Justice Commission - 410.260.2508