Maryland Courts

Maryland Electronic Courts Advisory Committee

Maryland Judiciary Advisory Committee Members

  • Chief Judge John P. Morrissey, Chair, Chief Judge, District Court of Maryland
  • Judge Gary Everngam, District Court of Maryland, Montgomery County
  • Judge Larnzell Martin, Circuit Court for Prince George’s County
  • Pam Harris, MD AOC, State Court Administrator
  • Faye Matthews, MD AOC, Deputy State Court Administrator
  • Roberta "Bobbie" Warnken, District Court of Maryland, Chief Clerk
  • Sharon Hancock, Circuit Court for Charles County, Clerk of Court
  • Bessie Decker, Court of Appeals, Clerk
  • Sondra Battle, Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Court Administrator
  • Doug Hofstedt, Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Court Administrator
  • David Weissert, District Court of Maryland, Coordinator of Commissioner Activity
  • Mark Bittner, MD AOC, JIS, Executive Director
  • Bob Bruchalski, MD AOC, JIS, Deputy Director

Additional Members

  • Gisela Blades, MD AOC, Procurement, Executive Director
  • Terri Bolling, Office of Communications and Public Affairs, Deputy Director
  • Robert Duckworth, Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Clerk
  • Lisa Preston, Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Assistant Chief Deputy Clerk
  • David Durfee, MD AOC, Executive Director of Legal Affairs
  • Carla Jones, MD AOC, Court Operations, Deputy Executive Director
  • Sandra Haines, Rules Committee
  • Sharon Harvey, MD AOC, Special Assistant to the Director of Legal Affairs
  • Greg Hilton, Court of Special Appeals, Clerk
  • Joan Nairn, MD AOC, JIS, MDEC Program Manager
  • Kelley O’Connor, Office of Government Relations, Director
  • Rick Parker, MD AOC, JIS, Architect
  • Diane Pawlowicz, MD AOC, Court Operations, Executive Director
  • Angelita Plemmer Williams, Office of Communications and Public Affairs, Director
  • Judge Nancy Shuger, Retired Judges Representation
  • Kathleen Wherthey, MD AOC, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs

Committee Support

  • Amber Herrmann, District Court Headquarters, Aide to the Chief Clerk