Mentoring program focuses on professionalism

Mentor brochure

The Judiciary has launched a pilot mentoring program for new lawyers.

“By encouraging mentoring, this program helps to continue to improve professionalism and competence in the legal profession,” said Judge Lynne A. Battaglia of the Maryland Court of Appeals. Judge Battaglia heads the Maryland Commission on Professionalism, which developed the pilot mentoring program.

Law school graduates who have just been admitted to the Maryland Bar are paired with experienced lawyers who provide one-on-one guidance during the critical first year, when new graduates stop being law students and start becoming legal practitioners.

“Both new and experienced lawyers can benefit from mentoring,” Judge Battaglia said. “The new lawyer receives invaluable help in successfully developing his or her career, and the mentor can feel a renewed sense of pride and purpose in his or her own work, as well as a chance to contribute to an increased level of professionalism and competence in the legal profession in Maryland.”

The Maryland Professionalism Commission has created a website with in-depth information about the new lawyer mentoring program, answers to frequently asked questions for prospective mentors and mentees, application forms and contact information.

For more information, visit or contact the Professionalism Commission’s executive director, (410) 260-1565, or