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September Term 2006
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June 2007 Schedule
Date Docket # Title
6-05-07 AG 34 Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Robert Allen Sapero
6-05-07 AG 83 Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Hekyong Pak
(2005 T.)
6-05-07 No. 126

Diamond Point Plaza Limited Partnership et al. v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Trustee
Issue - Contracts - In a breach of contract action must the non-breaching party show that alleged misrepresentations were the proximate cause of loss or damage?

6-05-07 No. 128

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and Sam’s PW, Inc. v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Trustee, Through Orix Capital Markets, LLC
Issue - Contracts - Was the seven mile "Radius Restriction" contained in a commercial lease violated by Sam's Club?

6-04-07 No. 142

Andrew Bednar et al. v. Provident Bank of Maryland
Issue - Commercial Law - May closing costs be assessed against a consumer borrower who fully prepays a second mortgage loan?

6-04-07 AG 25 Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Anthony Alex Saridakis
6-04-07 No. 140

Darrell Holmes a/k/a Lendro Thomas v. State of Maryland
Issue - Criminal Law - May a defendant who enters a guilty plea on a criminal charge later challenge the conviction in a CORAM NOBIS petition?

6-04-07 No. 143

Robert J. Dvorak et al. v. Anne Arundel County Ethics Commission
Issue - Counties - Based on a violation of repealed laws may the County Ethics Commission restrict the conduct of former county employees in pending litigation?

5-31-07 No. 82

Douglas S. Arey v. State of Maryland
Issue - Criminal Law - In a post conviction proceeding did the hearing judge properly rule on the potential use of DNA evidence?

5-31-07 No. 141

Louise M. Bubb et al. v. Jean S. Laws, Special Administrator of the Estate of Howard R. Masimore
Issue - Civil Procedure - What procedure must a party follow in asserting a Fifth Amendment Privilege in a civil suit?

5-31-07 Misc. 19 In the Matter of the Application of Nicholas Hamilton Cramer for Admission to the Bar of Maryland
5-31-07 AG 22 Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. William Leigh Siskind
5-30-07 Misc. 16 In the Matter of the Application of Michael F. Connolly for Admission to the Bar of Maryland
5-30-07 AG 31 Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Angela Therese Floyd
5-30-07 No. 120 part a
No. 120 part b
Carol Gazunis et al. v. Amelia R. Foster et vir.
Issue - Employment - May an employer refuse to arbitrate an employee grievance which was not timely filed?
5-30-07 No. 139

State of Maryland v. David Allen Testerman
Issue - Criminal Law - May an appellate court upon direct review determine that defense counsel was ineffective because he allowed a lesser charge to go to the jury?

5-30-07 No. 122

Janice M. v. Margaret K.
Issue - Family Law - What standards apply in determining whether a "De Facto" parent is entitled to visitation?

May 2007 Schedule
5-08-07 No. 135 Deandre Smith v. State of Maryland
Issue - Juvenile Courts - May a juvenile court return a case to the circuit court after the circuit court has transferred the case to the juvenile court?
5-08-07 No. 127 Lori Denise Rhoads v. Fred S. Sommer et al.
Issue - Attorneys - (A) Did the attorneys waive their right to an attorney's lien in the fee agreement; (B) If not, did the lien survive a bankruptcy discharge?
5-07-07 No. 132 John A. et ux. , Next Friends of A. A. v. Board of Education For Howard County
Issue - Administrative Law - Did the Office of Administrative Hearings have subject matter jurisdiction over a complaint filed under the Individuals with Disabilities Act 20 U.S.C., Sections 1400 et. seq. and its Maryland counterpart?
5-07-07 No. 105 Gail Sterling v. Atlantic Automotive Corporation
Issue - Employment - Is the sexual harassment of an employee by a supervisor imputed to the employer?
5-03-07 AG 26 Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Robin Keith Annesley Ficker
5-03-07 No. 125

Paul C. Sprenger & Rebecca M. Harvey v. The Public Service Commission of Maryland and Clipper Windpower, Inc.
Issue - Public Service Commission (PSC) - may a declaratory relief action, instead of an appeal, be filed with respect to a PSC order in a case where the time for appealing the order has expired?

5-03-07 No. 131

David Maurer v. Pennsylvania National Mutual Casualty Insurance Co.
Issue - Torts - was it proper to instruct the jury as to a passenger's negligence based on the passenger's purported intoxication?

5-02-07 AG 21
File not available due to technical difficulty experienced during the Webcast of this argument
Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Bonar Mayo Robertson
5-02-07 No. 123
File not available due to technical difficulty experienced during the Webcast of this argument
Lorinda Ann Broadwater v. State of Maryland
Issue - Criminal Law - did the defendant waive his right to counsel by inaction?
5-02-07 No. 119 - Beginning of argument not available

Mayor and Town Council of Capitol Heights v. Vanessa Tongue
Issue - Police Officers - does the Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights apply to a police officer discharged from his job for mental unfitness for duty?

5-02-07 No. 124a
No. 124b - A portion of the argument not available

Richard David Hurst v. State of Maryland
Issue - Criminal Law - did the trial court properly admit "other crimes" evidence?

5-02-07 No. 133

Robert Leo Donald Smith et al. v. Scott Danielczyk et al.
Issue - Torts - is a police officer absolutely immune from liability for defamation for statements made by him in an application for a search and seizure warrant?