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July 2017 - Present
  • 02-06-18: GEARS Update - Spring Training Schedule
  • 01-02-18: Mileage Reimbursement Rate Change
  • 11-28-17: Accounting Day, GEARS Training, Interpreter Invoice Monitoring, Requisition Names
  • 10-19-17: Close Dates, GEARS Training, Security, Local Revenue Queries, Attachments/Comments, Interpreter, Vendor Maintenance
  • 08-13-17: Year-end Completion
  • 07-16-17: GEARS Update - Important Year-End Information
  • 07-04-17: Meal Allowances Reminder, Standardization of Initials in Invoice Numbers, FY17 Year-End
July 2016 - June 2017
  • 06-25-17: FY18 Per Diem Meal Allowances, GEARS Accounts, FY17 Year End
  • 06-11-17: Attachments, PO Reviews, Security Queries, Worklist and Year-End Information
  • 04-27-17: Required Information to Close Out FY17
  • 04-23-17: Deployment of GEARS 9.2
  • 03-09-17: Approval Roles, FY17 Year-End, Interpreter Invoices, Security, Training, Travel Policy
  • 02-26-17: Important Information on 9.2 Upgrade and Training
  • 02-23-17: Reminder to Close Purchase Orders and Cancel Unused Requisitions
  • 12-18-16: Valid Budget Status, Travel Policy
  • 10-26-16: System Upgrade, Accounting Day, Close Dates, Order to Cash Reminders, Procurement Reminders
  • 08-22-16: Reminder - Accounts Receivable Summaries
  • 07-14-16: GEARS Invoices and Expense Reimbursements, Express PO Page, Contract Listing, Requisitions, Order to Cash - June Interest Amounts, FY17 Revenue Refunds
  • 07-04-16: Year-end Email Reminders
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GEARS Newsletter - "Jumping into GEARS"

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Project Decisions

  • Vendor Numbering – PeopleSoft will auto assign a unique vendor number for internal system purposes only. The vendor FEIN or SSN required by the state will be captured in another field and will still be utilized for invoice processing.
  • Scanning Process – PeopleSoft will be the information repository. We have analyzed the PeopleSoft processes to ensure that we have adequate retrieval and document viewing for research needs.
  • Major GEARS project decisions