Office of Problem Solving Courts (OPSC)

NOTICE: The Maryland Judiciary is using the AmpliFund grants management system (GMS) for fiscal year 2022 Programs Division grants and District Court Problem-Solving Court budget requests.   For more information about the GMS, please contact Alecia Parker at or 410-260-3544 or the department contact identified below.

The Office of Problem Solving Courts is a department in the Administrative Office of the Courts, Programs Division, responsible for assisting the problem-solving courts in development, maintenance, and advancement of a collaborative therapeutic system. OPSC has overseen the creation of problem-solving programs in 21 of the 24 jurisdictions in Maryland and works with public and private stakeholders to develop and establish best practices in problem-solving courts.

Problem Solving Court Discretionary Grant

Grant Purpose
This grant is designed to enhance operational Problem-Solving Courts in Maryland.  The Office of Problem-Solving Courts Problem-Solving Court Discretionary Grant is not meant to supplant or replace any prior grant funds or awards.  Grant funding may only be used to support Judiciary staff assigned to problem-solving courts and enhance the Problem-Solving Courts and any other ancillary services that will be utilized by and for the betterment of the community members served by this court program.

District and Circuit Courts with approved problem-solving courts in Maryland are eligible to apply for grant funding.  District and Circuit Courts planning to implement a problem-solving court may apply for grant funding.  

Availability and Awards of Funds
The availability of funds is contingent upon the provision of funds in the Maryland Judiciary budget allocated by the Maryland General Assembly for Fiscal Year 2017.  Applicants who are awarded funding will receive notice in early June of 2016.

Funding Cycle: July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

For more information, please contact Richard (Gray) Barton, Director, Office of Problem Solving Courts at 410-260-3617 or