Maryland Courts

My clerkship has begun.


  • Who do I contact in Human Resources about my clerkship and what is the address?
    • Our Fax number: 410-974-2849
      Our Agency number = 220100
      Our Agency Name = Maryland Judiciary
    • Mailing Address:
      ATTN: Connie Winkel or Debbie Kaminski, Human Resources
      Maryland Judiciary
      580 Taylor Ave., Bldg. A-1
      Annapolis, MD 21401
  • I moved – who do I need to notify and how?


  • Who do I contact in Payroll for assistance with my pay check, direct deposit, or POSC - online services?
  • When do I receive my pay check?
    • The State pay periods begin on Wednesday and end ten (10) days later on Tuesday. The check for that time period will be sent to the address on the W-4 you submitted. Once direct deposit takes effect, your pay will be electronically sent to your bank and available on that date.
    • Regular Employees Payroll Schedule
  • How long does it take for Direct Deposit to be effective?
      • The initial set up can take two (2) pay periods before your check is electronically sent to your bank. The Central Payroll Bureau (CPB) sets up your account and sends a pre-note to the bank to ensure the bank and account numbers are correct.
      • Regular Employees Payroll Schedule
      • You will receive an actual check when:
        • You first enroll
        • If you change banks
          • Keep your old account open until your check is deposited into the new account
  • What is POSC and how do I enroll?
    • Payroll On-line Service Center – this allows you to:
      • View your Pay stubs for the current year and archived years
      • View W-2s and print a duplicate copy
    • information needed to sign up for POSC
      • Agency code = 220100
      • Check advice number = from your first pay check

Health Benefits:

  • When is my Health Benefits enrollment form due?
    • You have 60 days following your start date to submit the enrollment form to Human Resources.
    • If you do not enroll during this time, you will need to wait until the next open enrollment period in the fall.
  • When is my insurance effective?
    • Benefits are not effective on your start date.
    • As a new Active Employee enrolling for the first time, either the 1st or 16th of the month. Based on the pay period in which the first deduction is taken. See the Effective Dates for Health Coverage Chart.
    • Watch for deductions to be made in your pay stub. If you do not see a deduction within two pay periods after Human Resources receives your enrollment form – CALL our benefit coordinators ASAP
  • Where does my Health Benefits-enrollment form go and how is my provider notified?
    • You must complete the four page enrollment form for the current fiscal year.
    • Be sure to sign and date the form on the last page
    • Mail the form to Human Resources.
    • Human Resources benefit coordinators will sign the form, make a copy to keep for our records and send the original to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) – Health Benefits
    • DBM -- Health Benefits in turn enters your information into their system and transmits the information electronically to the providers you signed up for--medical, dental, prescription, etc.
  • I sent in the health enrollment form, when will I receive my insurance cards?
    • Once your vendors are notified, they will mail the cards directly to your home address. This may take two (2) to three (3) weeks from the time the vendors are notified.
  • What if I need to schedule a medical appointment and I don’t have my cards?
    • You may call the insurance provider (phone numbers are in your benefits booklet) and ask for your ID number.
  • I need an earlier effective date.
    • Once you receive your Summary Statement of Benefits Election form with the effective dates of your coverage, and you feel you need an earlier effective date, please contact our benefit coordinators and they will assist you.
    • There is an additional payment that will be due. The benefit coordinators will calculate this amount for you.