Maryland Courts


Please notify HR as far in advance of your Law Clerk’s last day as possible. 
A two week notice is customary in business. 

  • HR must remove the law clerks from payroll in a timely manner so they are not over paid.
  • HR will notify Health Benefits that the law clerk is leaving, so their coverage is stopped at the appropriate time.

Complete the Law Clerk Separation Form.

  • You may fax this form if the separation date is near; however, the original still needs to be mailed.
    • 410-974-2849  (fax)
  • The top portion must be completed showing the Separation date
  • The middle section may be completed, but it is not required. 
  • HR will process the separation only at the direction of the judge’s chambers.

Please remind your law clerk that if they should move at any time during the remainder of the year to submit an address change form for Central Payroll. This will ensure they receive their W-2 the following year in January.

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