Maryland Courts

Law Clerk Payroll Form FAQs

Top Portion: 

  • Do I need the Judge’s Chambers portion completed and sent in at the same time as the law clerk’s portion?
    • No
    • The judge’s chambers will send a separate form at a later date and it will be matched up with your copy of the law clerk form.

Personal Identification Data (Middle Section)

  • What if I haven’t graduated from law school?
    • Check No
    • Enter your anticipated graduation date
  • My Maryland Bar Certificate is in a frame at my parents.
    • Take a digital picture of it and either print it out and attach to the payroll form or email it as an attachment to
  • I am currently working for the Office of the Attorney General or other State agency.
    • Please attach a copy of your last pay stub
    • When you transfer from one State agency to another, we follow different procedures so you are not cut off from payroll, or have your benefits interrupted (if you have currently have them).
    • Since we do not accept leave balances for law clerks, your current agency should pay out your leave in accordance with their policy.

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