UPDATE FOR MARCH 23, 2022 - The Notice of Intent to Take the July 2022 UBE in Maryland will become available in eBar on or about Friday, April 1, 2022. Upon the recommendation of the State Board of Law Examiners (SBLE), the Court of Appeals has authorized SBLE to administer the July 2022 UBE in Maryland under the following testing conditions. SBLE will not require or collect proof COVID-19 vaccination from July 2022 UBE applicants. SBLE will not require negative COVID testing as a condition of attending the July 2022 UBE in Maryland. SBLE will not require applicants to wear masks while inside test locations. Applicants at the standard administration of the July 2022 UBE in Maryland will be seated two-applicants-per-6-foot table. Applicants MAY wear COVID-19 protective masks at their discretion, but will be required to lower their masks briefly for ID-confirmation purposes at the exam site.

This information is provided to give prospective applicants as much information as is currently available before making a decision to file a Notice of Intent, but all applicants are hereby advised that the Court of Appeals of Maryland and SBLE may alter these testing conditions as circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic warrant. After a Notice of Intent is accepted for filing, no fees may be refunded to an applicant but fee deferrals to a future exam session may be granted upon a showing of good cause. Md. Rule 19-206(d).

Further information on the dates, fees, and locations for the July 2022 UBE in Maryland is located here.

Portability of Scores Earned on the October 2020 Remote Bar Exam in Maryland

Applicants who took the October 2020 Remote Bar Exam in one of the reciprocal jurisdictions listed above may apply for admission in Maryland under the rules pertaining to the transfer of UBE scores. See the Admission by UBE Transfer (UBT) page of this website for more information.


During the emergency, SBLE will continue to clear applicants to the Court for admission as appropriate. The Clerk’s Office will communicate directly with eligible applicants for scheduling purposes.

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