Circuit Court Civil Mediation Program

The use of mediation in the Maryland circuit courts is governed by Titles 9 and 17 of the Maryland Rules. These rules outline ADR procedures in the circuit courts and set forth the training and experience required for mediators or other dispute resolution practitioners who are interested in receiving circuit court case referrals. Circuit court mediators adhere to the Maryland Standards of Conduct for Mediators, Arbitrators and Other ADR Practitioners, an ethical code developed by MACRO's Professional Responsibilities Committee. Copies of the rules, standards, mediator application forms and other relevant information can be obtained from the MACRO Website by clicking the links on the left side of this page. Prospective mediators must submit application forms and supporting documents to the clerk of each circuit court from which the mediator would like to receive referrals.

Although mediation programs vary considerably from one court to the next, all appropriate contested custody and visitation cases are sent to mediation. Each circuit court has a family services coordinator on staff who helps manage this process. Many jurisdictions also have active ADR programs for other civil cases. For more information on mediation in the circuit courts, call MACRO at 410-260-3540.