Judiciary Employee Handbook - Search Tips

Search Tips


You can refine your searches by using special (Boolean) search terms. Some of the more common terms are summarized below with examples.


If you want to search for a specific phrase or term, you can use quotation marks. The results will only display policies that feature the word or words enclosed in quotes.

  • "annual leave"
  • "tuition assistance"


If you would like to perform a more complex search, you can combine words or terms. This example will find both sick leave and annual leave.

  • leave AND (annual or sick)
  • (sick leave OR annual leave)
  • (leave policy) and "annual leave"

You can search for policies which contain two terms by using the upper-case word AND.


  • annual AND sick
  • leave AND annual
  • "sick leave" AND "annual leave"

The upper-case word OR will broaden your search to find policies which contain one or more terms.

  • holiday OR leave
  • benefits OR leave
  • "annual leave" OR "sick leave"