January 17, 2024


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Maryland Judiciary to launch newly redesigned Case Search website on February 5

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Maryland Judiciary is redesigning its Case Search website as a part of its commitment to stay current with technology trends. The new design, launching on February 5, 2024, will allow for users to navigate the site and search more easily for public case information in a simpler and more efficient manner. The new design eliminates the need to view or complete search fields that may not be applicable to a user’s particular search. The new design incorporates the most searched fields first, and then allows for the expansion of advanced searching options only if/when needed. This is the first redesign of Case Search since its launch in January 2006.

“It is our mission to provide fair, efficient, and effective justice to all. Modernizing the design of our publicly accessible Case Search site is one way we honor that mission,” said Supreme Court of Maryland Chief Justice Matthew J. Fader. “The redesign will improve the website’s standards for accessibility with a more modern and colorful design that is user-friendly and welcoming.”

A preview of the new design that will launch on February 5 is available at this link.

Please note, the Case Search re-design only focuses on the website user interface, and not data. The case data available through Case Search remains exactly the same, driven by rules and statutes. There will not be any more or less case data available through the site. The redesign focuses strictly on website usability and modernization.

More about Case Search:
Case Search provides internet access to information from Maryland case records as described in the Maryland Rules on Access to Court Records (Rules 16-901 through 16-912; 1-322.1). In January 2006, Case Search was introduced to satisfy information requests commonly received in the court clerks’ offices. This information includes names of parties, city and state, case number, date of birth, trial date, charge, and case disposition. Case Search includes detailed case information from all Maryland circuit and District Court case management systems.


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