Dorchester County District Court

Regional veterans treatment court opens

Maryland’s first regional veterans treatment court has launched in the District Court in Dorchester County. The court provides treatment, accountability, and mentoring to veterans who are involved with the justice system and helps connect them with resources. Read more.

Gavel and Scales

Judicial Appointments

Governor Larry Hogan has announced the appointments of Judge Gregory Sampson and Robert Kinsey Taylor, Jr., to the Baltimore City Circuit Court, Catherine Chen and Geoffrey Hengerer to the Baltimore City District Court, and Karen Pilarski to the Baltimore County District Court. Read more.

Courting Art Baltimore

Third annual “Courting Art Baltimore” contest awards scholarships to city students

“Courting Art Baltimore” awarded college scholarships totaling $20,000 to five Baltimore City public school students in recognition of their outstanding artwork at an awards reception for finalists at the Eastside District Courthouse on May 16.

Traffic Signs

How to pay your traffic ticket

Did you get a traffic ticket? To find payment methods, deadlines, or information about your case, start here.