Clerkships in the Supreme Court of Maryland and the Appellate Court of Maryland

The Supreme Court of Maryland is composed of seven justices. The Appellate Court of Maryland is composed of 15 Judges. Each justice or judge hires two to three law clerks annually and some hire a chambers counsel. Both appellate courts are assisted in their work by senior judges, some of whom hire a law clerk annually as well.

Judiciary Human Resources has a Law Clerks site here. It has additional information about becoming and being a law clerk, including opportunities in the Circuit Courts. Information regarding salary can be found here.

Some justices and judges also accept law students as interns both during the school year and during the summer; these positions are unpaid. Law schools may offer course credit.

More specific information regarding clerking or interning for individual justices and judges may be obtained by clicking on the links provided below. 

Supreme Court of Maryland

Appellate Court of Maryland

Senior Appellate Justice/Judge