Frequently Asked Questions

How was I selected for Jury Service?

Maryland’s jury selection law provides that jurors are selected at random from a fair cross section of citizens residing in the County where the Court convenes. This cross section is drawn from a consolidated list of Allegany County residents who are registered voters or licensed drivers or identification card holders aged 18 and over.

How long do I have to serve?

TRIAL jurors serve one-month terms, and GRAND jurors serve six-month terms.

Do I get paid for service?

During your period of service, you will be paid the sum of $15 per day plus 21 cents per mile if you live outside the city limits of Cumberland. If you choose not to receive payment for jury service, you may consider participating in the “Generous Juror” program.

What can I bring to the courthouse?

NO weapons of ANY kind are permitted on the premises of the courthouse. The possession of cell phones, and other electronic devices in all areas of the courthouse is restricted and may be permitted only with permission of the Court.

What if I have a disability or special needs?

Reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities should be requested by contacting the jury commissioner at 301-777-5921, at least two weeks prior to your orientation date. The courthouse is equipped with an elevator, and there are handicapped parking spaces available at the front and rear of the courthouse.

How do I get to the courthouse - where do I park?

From the East

Take I-68 West to Cumberland. Take exit 43A, Beall Street. Bear right off the exit. Go straight through the light (Sheetz convenience store is on the right). Take the next right onto Washington Street. Go two blocks. The courthouse is on the right hand side.

From the West

Take I-68 East to Cumberland. Take exit 43A Johnson Street. Go left off the exit. Turn left at the first light onto Greene Street. Turn right onto Smallwood Street. Turn right onto Washington Street. The courthouse is two blocks on the right.

Where do I report?

Please use the main front door entrance to the courthouse and let the security personnel know that you are reporting for jury service. The officer will instruct you where to report. If you use the handicapped entrance at the rear of the courthouse, take the elevator to the 1st floor.

Will I have to report for service each day of my month of service?

No. You can go online or use an automated call-in system to learn whether you are required to report for jury service. You will need to refer to your reporting number from the "Juror Badge" portion of your summons to determine whether you are required to report. Visit the Jury Announcement website or call 301-777-5927 each evening after 4:00 p.m.

Can I serve on more than one trial?

Yes, it is possible that TRIAL jurors may serve on multiple trials as the term is for one month.

Can jury duty place my job in jeopardy?

An employer may not deprive an employee of his/her employment solely because of job time lost by the employee as a result of responding to a jury summons or as result of attending court for service or prospective service as a petit (trial) or grand juror.

What if I have a medical or family emergency the day of service?

In order to be excused from reporting for service, appropriate documentation of the emergency will need to be provided within a time frame to be determined by the jury commissioner. Please call the jury commissioner at 301-777-5921 (leave a message if there is no one available to answer your call). The jury commissioner will instruct you as to the type of documentation that will be required.

What is the inclement weather policy?

In the event of inclement weather please visit the morning you are scheduled to appear for weather-related updates. If the information has not changed, report as scheduled. You may also follow updates on local radio stations. Please look or listen for the Circuit Court for Allegany County; not county government or state government.

Is child care available?

There are no provisions for child care. Children are NOT to be brought to Court with you.

What if I have a vacation, medical appointment, etc., during my service month?

All requests for excuse MUST be submitted in writing either with your juror qualification form or no later than two weeks prior to the first date of service indicated on your JUROR BADGE. Please include your service month and reporting number on any correspondence. You will receive notification as to whether or not your request has been granted.