Generous Juror Program

Hundreds of children are receiving services every day from the St. Mary's County Department of Social Services. Many of these children are homeless or in foster care. These children could use your help!

In July 2006, the St. Mary's County Circuit Court Judges decided to adopt the Generous Juror Program. This program was implemented in cooperation with the Executive Branch of the St. Mary's County Government, and is administered by the St. Mary's County Department of Social Services. These organizations have worked diligently to create the process and allow it to become reality. Partnerships like these will help to solve the tough financial issues facing government today, but the key partner in this effort is YOU.

The Generous Juror Program is a way for our community to voluntarily pitch in to help fill the void left in the wake of dwindling economic funding. Donating your $15.00 stipend would be a simple, yet meaningful gesture that can raise much needed funds.

All donations go directly to benefit children in St. Mary's County. The money will be used to purchase school supplies, orthodontic services, special tutoring, recreational activities and other amenities enjoyed by most children, but not customarily provided to children who are homeless or in foster care.

Additional Examples of how the Generous Jurors have helped children:
  • Summer Camp
  • Car Seats & Cribs
  • Computer Lab in the Homeless Shelter
  • Dance Lessons
  • Dental Care
  • Medical Needs not covered by Medical Assistance
  • Hygienic Supplies
  • School Activities including Graduation
  • Vocational and College Tuition

For more information, you may call the St. Mary's County Department of Social Services at 240-895-7000 or 240-895-7152.