Historic Courthouse

Picture of Historic Talbot County Courthouse

The earliest court records show that court originally was held in private homes of Talbot County justices as early as 1662. The first specially built courthouse began construction in 1679 in York. The three-story structure was completed in 1685. An act of 1706 divided Talbot County, creating Queen Anne's County and leaving York on the edge of the county line.

Picture of Historic Talbot County Courthouse

In order to have the court more centrally located in the county, it was moved to Oxford, but held in private homes. In 1712, a new courthouse was erected in Easton and continued in use until 1792, by which time it had become dilapidated and too small for the county's growing needs.

Picture of Holiday-Decorated Talbot County Circuit Courthouse - Present Day

The courthouse was razed and replaced with a new structure by 1794. This new and present courthouse was remodeled in 1958 which included removal of the front porch and the addition of two wings.