All requests for transcripts must be made to the court reporter assigned to the judge who presided over the hearing. To make a request, you must know the name of the judge who presided, the case number and date(s) of the hearing. You can obtain this information by reviewing the case history on the Maryland Judiciary’s case records website.

MD Judiciary
Case Search

Once you have the information needed, contact the court reporter for the presiding judge, as listed below. If the case was a Juvenile Delinquency, CINA, TPR or Child Support matter, contact Sandy Faith regardless of which judge presided.

Name Phone
Tracy Zamora (Judge Brett R. Wilson) 240-313-2573
Kelly Pierce (Judge Dana Moylan Wright) 240-313-2560
Dee Barnhart (Judge Viki M. Pauler) 240-313-2565
Debra Kline (Judge Mark K. Boyer) 240-313-2555
Linde Cessna (Judge Andrew F. Wilkinson) 240-313-2520
Tressa Clifford (Judge Joseph S. Michael) 240-313-2550
Gina Kauffman (Magistrate G. Clair Baker) 240-313-2575
Sandra Faith (For any Juvenile, CINA, TPR, or Child Support hearing) 240-313-2553

Requests in Writing Should be Addressed to the Appropriate Court Reporter at the Below Address

(name of court reporter)
Washington County Courthouse
24 Summit Avenue
Hagerstown, MD 21740