Filing Briefs with the Court of Appeals

New rules effective January 1, 2016


1. Covers of briefs:

a. Appellant's brief - white
b. Appellee's brief - blue
c. Reply brief - tan
d. Amicus curiae brief - gray

2. Fonts - Commercial and Computer

The following fonts are approved by the Court of Appeals for use in briefs, petitions for writ of certiorari, and other papers prepared by commercial printers or computer printers. This list is provided for your guidance -- these fonts are suggested, not mandatory. Be sure to read Maryland Rules 8-112 and 8-504 carefully for requirements as to type size, spacing, margins and the statement in the brief as to the typeface used.

Antique Olive
Arial Rounded
Book Antiqua
Bookman Old Style
Century Gothic
Century Schoolbook
CG Times
Courier New
Footlight MT Light
Letter Gothic
MS LineDraw
Times New Roman

3. Length of briefs:

Be sure to read Maryland Rule 8-503 carefully. The form for the required Certification of Word Count and Compliance with Rule 8-112 is available here [PDF] [DOC].

a. Appellant and Appellee - 13,000 words
b. Reply brief - 6,500 words
c. Amicus brief - 6.500 words

4. Filing of briefs (Unless otherwise ordered by the Court:

a. Appellant's brief due within 40 days after the filing of the record.
b. Appellee's brief due 30 days after the filing of the appellant's brief.
c. Appellant's reply brief due within 20 days after the filing of the appellee's brief but in any event not later than 10 days before the date of argument.
d. File 20 copies of each brief.


For more information or clarification, refer to Chapter 500 of Title 8 of the Maryland Rules.