Supreme Court Judicial Records Requests

A person may request access to judicial records—including administrative records, business license records, case records, notice records, and special judicial unit records—by submitting a written request to the custodian of records or by appearing in person in the office of the custodian during normal business hours. 

The Rules governing access to judicial records may be found in Maryland Rules 16-901 et seq. (“Access to Judicial Records”).

Most court records are in the custody of a local Clerk’s office.  To request those records, please contact the appropriate Clerk’s office, which is generally where the case was filed or the hearing or trial was conducted.  To request a judicial record from the Supreme Court, contact the Court's judicial records representative:

Gregory Hilton
Supreme Court of Maryland
Courts of Appeal Building
361 Rowe Boulevard
Annapolis, Maryland  21401
(Voice) 410-260-1500
(Toll Free) 800-926-2583
[email protected]

Under the current Rules, many records and documents are frequently available immediately upon request, including those listed here.  Please note that there are occasions, including but not limited to when there are technical problems, when requests are made for multiple or bulk records, or when files are in active use or archived storage, that specific documents may not be immediately available.