Argument Schedule -- July, 2017


September Term, 2016


Thursday, July 27, 2017:

No. 98 Jane and John Doe et al. v. Alternative Medicine Maryland, LLC et al.

Issues – Health General – 1) Are Appellants entitled to participate in a lawsuit, including a preliminary injunction hearing, where the Appellee (plaintiff in the trial court) has expressly asked to invalidate their award and any injunction would destroy their businesses, force them to lay off employees, cause substantial economic losses and deprive some Petitioners of needed cannabis therapy? 2) Should the trial court action be stayed pending resolution of the issue of indispensable parties, given that the Appellee waited months or years to seek a preliminary injunction and has no likelihood of success on the merits?

Attorneys for Appellant: Michael D. Berman and Arnold M. Weiner
Attorneys for Appellee: Byron L. Warnken and Brian S. Brown



On the day of argument, counsel are instructed to register in the Clerk’s Office no later than 9:30 a.m. unless otherwise notified.

After July 27, 2017, the Court will recess until September 6, 2017.