Medical Malpractice Workgroup


The Medical Malpractice Work Group was created to serve as an advisory body to the Committee on Complex Litigation.  The Work Group will provide input from members of the bench and bar who litigate medical malpractice cases before the circuit courts.  The Work Group will report practitioners’ observations on forms, processes, procedures, and other aspects impacting the effective and efficient resolution of cases amongst the various courts, including both successful practices and problem areas in need of improvement.  The Work Group is authorized to provide recommendations for the Committee’s consideration.


Hon. Kathleen L. Beckstead, Chair
Hon. Judith C. Ensor
Hon. Julie Rubin
Hon. Peter Killough
Hon. Charlene Notarcola
Andrew Burnett
Mairi Patricia Maguire
Michael Nakamura

The Medical Malpractice Work Group is soliciting input and recommendations from the Medical Malpractice Bar/Community for the Work Group to consider in its work to improve the processes and efficiency of medical malpractice litigation. The Work Group is open to any recommendation or input from the Bar concerning the handling of Medical Malpractice litigation in the Courts. For example, during its first meeting, the Work Group discussed the lack of uniformity in scheduling orders across the Maryland jurisdictions and thought that could be one area of focus.
Please send any responses directly to Cynthia Jurrius, Administrative Office of the Courts, at Thank you so much for your assistance.