2017 ADR Practitioner Volunteer Hours

Thank you for your time and participation in Day of Trial ADR programs across Maryland.  Our annual calculation of volunteer hours for the preceding year is now complete!  To view your volunteer hours, click on one of the bullet point headings below. 

The first document, “Statewide Total Volunteer Hours,” provides the total volunteer hours for all Day of Trial ADR programs and all ADR practitioners.  The other documents provide volunteer hours by district.

The lists are organized by volunteer ID number.  A volunteer’s identification number can be located on the bottom right corner of the ADR Practitioner’s name badge.

In addition, a new column appears on each volunteer hours’ list: “# of Days Signed Up/Volunteered.”  This addition represents the number of occasions a volunteer appeared in a Day of Trial ADR program for calendar year 2017, and provides information about the volunteer’s “activity” within the program.  As part of a greater quality assurance initiative, the ADR Office developed minimum volunteer activity commitments to maintain an active status on the Day of Trial roster.  An e-mail with more information about the updated volunteer status policy is forthcoming.

Can’t find your volunteer name badge? Please contact Leona Elliott, Director of ADR Roster Management, at leona.elliott@mdcourts.gov or at 410-260-1677 to request your volunteer identification number and a replacement badge.

Licensed Maryland attorneys required to report pro bono activity to the Court of Appeals may use this information to support that reporting.

Thank you for assisting litigants in having conversations that support their self-determination, honor confidentiality, and provide opportunities to express themselves, their thoughts and concerns, and if they so determine, resolve the case and/or the underlying issues that brought them to court.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2018.

Statewide Total Volunteer Hours

District 1 Baltimore City

District 2 Somerset and Wicomico Counties

District 4 Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's Counties

District 5 Prince George's County

District 6 Montgomery County

District 7 Anne Arundel County

District 8 Baltimore County

District 9 Harford County

•District 10 Carroll and Howard Counties

District 11 Frederick and Washington Counties