Committee Members

The Judicial Ethics Committee consists of thirteen members appointed by the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals. Of the thirteen members:

  • One is a judge of the Court of Special Appeals.
  • Two are circuit court judges.
  • Two are judges of the District Court.
  • One is a judge of the Orphans’ Court.
  • Three are former judges who are approved for recall for temporary service under Maryland Constitution, Article IV, §3A.
  • One is a clerk of a circuit court.
  • One is a judicial appointee as defined in Maryland Rule 18-200.3
  • Two are not judges or other officers or employees of the Judicial Branch of the state government or a lawyer.

The term of a member is three years and begins on July 1. The terms are staggered so that the terms of not more than four members expire each year. At the end of a term, a member continues to serve until a successor is appointed. A member may not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms.

2021 Committee Members

Hon. Kathryn Grill Graeff, Chair
Judge, Court of Special Appeals

Hon. Judith C. Ensor, Vice-Chair
Judge, Circuit Court for Baltimore County

Hon. Sharon V. Burrell
Judge, Circuit Court for Montgomery County

Hon. Dolores Dorsainvil
Judge, District Court of Maryland, Prince George’s County

Hon. James R. Eyler
Retired Judge, Court of Special Appeals

Hon. Athena Malloy Groves
Judge, Orphans' Court for Prince George's County

Hon. Katherine B. Hager, Clerk
Circuit Court for Queen Anne's County

Dr. Andrea Kalfoglou
Lay Member

Hon. James A. Kenney, III
Retired Judge, Court of Special Appeal

Hon. Aileen Oliver
Judge, District Court of Maryland, Montgomery County

Nettina Surpris-Gause, Administrative Commissioner
District Court for Prince George’s County

Hon. John H. Tisdale
Retired Judge, Circuit Court for Frederick County

Rebecca P. Riemer, Esq.