Alternative Dispute Resolution Evaluation Support System (ADRESS)

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Evaluation Support System (ADRESS) is a web-based data collection and reporting tool. It allows courts to quickly and efficiently aggregate survey responses provided by practitioners, clients and attorneys and combine that data with court docket information. Court ADR program managers can use the resulting reports to assess the effects of ADR processes on litigant satisfaction, practitioner performance, court caseloads, case time lines, and more. Using this cycle of continuous feedback, the managers can improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of their ADR programs.

The project is being piloted in:

  • Baltimore City Circuit Court Civil
  • Baltimore County Circuit Civil and Family
  • District Court Statewide
  • Worcester County Civil and Family

Pilot Status: First round of reports have been rolled out to pilot sites.

Source Code:

The ADRESS initiative was made possible with generous support from the State Justice Institute. If you would like to have access to the source code for this program, please submit this form.  This is customized software, not off the shelf software.  ADR program managers in other states will need to consult with their IT departments about customizing the code to make it functional for their court IT system.


If you have questions about ADRESS, please contact MACRO at 410-260-3540 or and ask for the Evaluations & Research Director.

Authorized Users Can Access the System at:


ADRESS Reports

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